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Jennifer Killpack-Knutsen

September 24, 2005 peace march and rally participants

(My husband, who works for the ACLU of Utah, asked me to post this to communties that may have had participants)

September 24, 2005 peace march and rally participants,

The American Civil Liberties Union of Utah has heard reports that during the
mid afternoon on Saturday, September 24th, at the conclusion of the march
from Pioneer Park to Washington Square, the Salt Lake City police arrested
and detained up to 9 individuals, and that many vehicle drivers were
ticketed for honking in support.

If you were personally affected by these incidents please consider filing a
law enforcement complaint with the ACLU of Utah. If you were detained or
arrested it is important for you to get your "incident report" from the Salt
Lake City police department for us to review along with your description of
the incident. You can find out how to do this by calling the SLCP records
office at 799-3560. If you know someone who was arrested, detained, or
ticketed, please give them this information.

If you feel your civil rights have been violated by actions of SLCP officers
you should file a complaint with the SLCP Internal Affairs department
799-3351 and the Salt Lake City Police Civilian Review Board 535-7230 along
with your complaint to the ACLU of Utah. .

If you would like the ACLU of Utah to review your case, please fill out and
submit one of our online intake forms at
or call (801) 521-9862 ext 104 and leave your name and mailing address so we
can send you the appropriate form.

Reinard Knutsen
Office Manager
ACLU of Utah
801-521-9862 ext 101

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